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World Bee Day

Honeybee drinking world bee day May 2021

Today is World Bee Day 2021 and as we’re all about supporting and raising awareness about pollinators it couldn’t go by this year without at least a mention. Covid restrictions are only just starting to ease so l expect events won’t be in such full swing this year but you can still get involved and we can all continue to play our part in supporting and protecting such incredible creatures. In the UK alone there are over 1500 pollinating insects all in need of diverse plant life on which to feed, their habitats protecting and more done with regards developing our regenerative farming practices, especially in the wake of Brexit. The power is with us to truly make all the difference. Take a look at brief list below, choose at least one and lets support our bees!

  • Plant a diverse array of native plants that flower throughout the year
  • Buy local and support your local beekeepers and bee farmers
  • Buy products from sustainable agriculture
  • Avoid pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in the garden
  • Consider companion planting as a natural form of pesticide
  • Protect wild bee colonies where possible
  • Call your local beekeeper if you find a swarm
  • Sponsor a hive, provide space for one or take a beekeeping course
  • Make a bee water fountain by leaving a bowl of water out with stones and pebbles in
  • Sustain and protect woodland and hedgerows
  • Raise awareness, the decline of bees affects us all