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Our Story

Bee Amigos is a family run business, born of a love of our native humble honeybee and the beautiful variety of honey foraged from wildflowers and farmland.  When we moved to the countryside we became even more acutely aware of the plight that all of our pollinators face and this was enough to spur us into the world of bee keeping.  

The more we learned the more we realised the number of issues plaguing the UK farming industry.  We are a nation of honey lovers, but the majority of honey consumed is shipped from outside of the EU and in most cases a vastly inferior product sits on our breakfast tables.  

UK bee farmers are also in the habit of supplementing their stocks of bees and queens from abroad which runs the risk of introducing exotic diseases and pests and then the bees themselves are not really geared to the British weather.  As such we much prefer to work and encourage others to work with our native honeybee species, Apis Mellifera Mellifera.

head beekeeper ric chapman
bees filling honeycomb with local honey

For the most part we limit the movement of our colonies and have setup permanent apiaries at Tongue End, Langtoft Fen and Market Deeping.  

Counter Drain – Tongue End

We take a holistic approach in what we do, working very closely with our communities, our farmers, local businesses and other charitable groups who have a particular focus on the restoration of our countryside.  Being an active part in our rural communities means we can exact a positive influence through these partnerships and play a part in rewilding and regenerating our countryside for the betterment of people and fenland wildlife.

Family with the Lambs
Aiden and the Lamb