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Large Honeycomb Candle


Our candles are made from 100% beeswax which has been collected from our own apiaries in the South of Lincolnshire.  The wax we gather is a result of our honey extraction process.

We’re a huge fan of the honeycomb detailing which looks great as it burns down making for a beautiful and bright centrepiece.

  • Proudly made in the UK
  • 75 hours burn time!
  • 4 x 5.5cm
  • 100% beeswax from our hives
  • Ambient glow
  • Less dripping than paraffin
  • Natural sweet aroma
  • More candle designs and sizes available


Large Honeycomb Candle

We make our large honeycomb candles right here, with our own hands, using beeswax from our own hives.  It’s a beautifully delicate looking design but sturdy enough to provide many hours burn time with a bright light.  This is one our favourites for gift boxes and a particular favourite of our customers.  The honeycomb beeswax candles design takes on an imprint of the natural honeycomb design and looks beautiful as it melts down.  The look, smell and bright light give a beautiful warm feeling of Spring and Summer.  This candle will hold itself well on its own but will also make for a beautiful decorative centrepiece for which honeycomb pillar candles are perfect for.

Candle Making – An Ancient Craft

The use of candles can be traced back thousands of years and there invention often attributed to the Egyptians before being improved on by the Romans.  Early on the use of animal fats was the primary burning material as it was readily available and cheap, it burned with a lot of smoke and it didn’t create the best smell so when beeswax was introduced to the western world it didn’t take long for it to catch on.  It burned cleaner, brighter, and gave off that sweet smelling scent that we’ve all come to love from our natural beeswax candles.


Are these candles rose scented?
These are not rose scented candles.  They are natural beeswax which give off a slightly sweet honey scent.

How long do beeswax candles burn for?
The burn time will vary and will be completely dependent on how much wax is present and the size of the wick.  These details, including the specific burn time, can be found in the additional information.

My does my candle colour vary between orders?
Because this is a completely natural product we’re unable to predict and account for small variations in the colour.  Colour variations can be attributed to all manner of variables but especially pollen staining which is dependant on the flowers being foraged.


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